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Go Back March 13, 2020

Day 1 Artic Trek Update, Friday 13th March 2020

Kaupinnen to Abiskojaure: 14kms / 4 hours of Trekking

The team have successfully completed the first day of the KMF Arctic trek.

Tackling the first 14kms of the 116km trek, the team have travelled from Kiruna to Abiskojaure, first skiing through birch forest, along the frozen river and before crossing the lake of the same name to Abiskojaure.

This is the first and shortest stint of skiing for the team and will have taken them approx. 4 hours to complete, made extra challenging by the freezing temperatures which are much lower than expected.

Unfortunately, with temperatures already hitting -10℃, the teams initial train to Abisko was cancelled, meaning they had to take a bus for 200km before they began.

After a tough first day you’d think the team deserved a rest, right? We’re afraid not. Staying at the Abiskojaure Mountain Hut, the accommodation is basic and the team will need to fend for themselves. There will be snow to collect for melting, wood to chop for the wood burner and the place will need a sweep out before they leave. This is no holiday...

It is hard work but at the end of Day 1 the fundraising total has climbed to an amazing £88,000. Fingers crossed they can reach their £100K by the end of the challenge on Tuesday (17/03).