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Go Back March 15, 2020

Day 3, Sunday 15th March 2020

Alesjaure to Vistas: 18 kms / 5-6 hours of trekking

It's day 3 of the KMF Arctic Trek for Dougie Mac and there's no doubt the team will be starting to tire. Sore muscles and exhaustion, not only from miles and miles of trekking, but from the consistent completion of jobs to do anything from heating the accommodation to making a cup of tea!

Today they have trekked another 18kms in temperatures between -15 and -20℃. Conditions permitting the team will have deviated from the Kungsleden and moved east to Vistas. This is more dramatic country and will take the trekkers through the tight Vistasvaggl before opening out into more wooded and open country.

Hut accommodation remains very basic and the team still have zero access to communication, however, we can track their progress easily via a live tracker kindly being carried along by trekker Gareth Higgins (KMF Group). Unfortunately this isn't all the team are carrying. Each member is required to carry their own 15kg kit which inludes essential equipment, including: A sleeping bag, goggles, ice breakers, Goretex clothing, towels, wet wipes, dry clothing, gaiters and more!!

This is a gruelling challenge and the team will be starting to feel the effects of trekking 53kms in freezing temperatures. Please reward their hard work and donate anything you can, however small, to the amazing Douglas Macmillan.

(Donation link below).